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Shorebirds Competition 2021

ANSTO is proud to host the Shorebirds Competition for the fourth year. This unique environmental poster competition is free to enter and offers over $4000 in prizes for students and schools!

Now open to Year 3 to 6 primary students across Australia - enter through your school or as an individual. The closing date is 6 August.

We invite students to create an ecotourism poster for a local wetland or coastal area (or one in your State or Territory) that provides an important habitat for shorebirds and other animals.

Teachers can involve their classes in this engaging learning opportunity, with free professional development and comprehensive lesson plans, linked to the Australian Curriculum for Science, Geography and English.

We hope to draw attention to Australia’s many wetlands and coastal areas for their great natural beauty and importance in supporting diverse animal and plant life. We also celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Ramsar Convention on Wetlands of International Importance – an important agreement between nations signed in 1971 to protect wetlands.

Expression of Interest

Individuals     Schools 

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Important Dates

Competition Closes: Friday 6 August 2021, 5pm

Winners Announced: Monday 6 September 2021 – World Shorebirds Day

Purpose of your poster

Your poster must grab people’s attention! It must make them want to visit your chosen wetland or coastal area to appreciate and help conserve its natural beauty and the shorebirds that live there. Importantly, it should show how the area is special and worth protecting for the future!

Your poster must include:

  • A shorebird species that lives in your chosen area. You can show an individual bird, several birds, or a whole flock!
  • A message or slogan, in 30 words or less. Encourage people to visit your area with a persuasive written message!
  • The natural environment. Show some non-living (shoreline, rocks, water) or living features (plants and other animals) of your chosen area.
  • The area name and shorebird name on the front of the poster.
  • Entry Form glued to the back, with a little information about your area and shorebird.

Your poster must be:

  • Created by hand and your own work! This means that you have designed and created it yourself! Created on A4 paper using pencils, pens, textas or paint. No digital images allowed.
  • Created in portrait orientation. This means the narrow edge of the paper is at the top.

About Shorebirds

Shorebirds rely almost entirely on wetlands and coastal areas for their survival as they feed, rest and raise their chicks on the shoreline. They wade in the water (and are sometimes called waders), but don’t swim or ever land on water, unlike seabirds!

Australia has 54 species of shorebirds. The numbers of shorebirds are in fast decline, with several species now threatened, due to habitat destruction and changes caused by humans.

Shorebirds Information for Students

Wetlands Information for Students

Background Information 

Ramsar Wetlands used by Shorebirds

How to enter

Procedure and Entry Form    Teacher Contact Form

Prizes, Terms and Judging 

Prizes, Rules & Terms 2021     Judging Rubric 2021

Take a look at last year's winners for some inspiration! (Please note the competition activity has changed this year).

View 2020 Shorebirds Competition Results

Mail your (original) poster to:

ANSTO Shorebirds Competition

C/- ANSTO Discovery Centre (B65)

New Illawarra Road,


Original entries must be received at the address above by 5pm, Friday 6 August 2021. Scanned copies not accepted. Include a stamped self-addressed envelope for return of entries.

Let us know when your entry is in the post, so we can look out for it:

Good luck! Stephanie, Kim, and Matt, Competition Coordinators, ANSTO Education Team.  


Please contact the ANSTO Education Team