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Industry Foundation Scholarship awarded

10 September 2020

Masters of Industry student Hamish McDougall of the University of New South Wales has been awarded an ANSTO Industry Foundations Scholarship,  as part of ANSTO's Graduate Institute, for his project: Novel Processing of Pyrite Ore to Produce Battery Grade Cobalt and Sulfur. 

Masters of Industry student Monica Hibberd of the University of NSW was selected as the recipient of the ANSTO Industry Foundations Scholarship, as part of ANSTO's Graduate Institute, for her project: Understanding the Pyrite Thermal Decomposition Reaction Mechanism.

Both will be supervised by Professor Vanessa Peterson at ANSTO. The work is associated with the CRC funding for the minerals project associated with Cobalt Blue Holdings Ltd.


CRC funding for minerals project with Cobalt Blue Holding Ltd

February 2020

ANSTO is contributing to a number of critical minerals projects that will be funded under the Cooperative Research Centres Projects (CRC-Ps) Program – Round 8. 

In one of these programs, Professor Vanessa Peterson, Leader, Energy Materials Research Project said ANSTO will be involved in research to optimise the thermal decomposition stage of the processing of pyrite ore to produce battery-grade cobalt and sulphur by Cobalt Blue Holding Ltd (COB). The program received $2.4 million in research funding with the total value of the grant to $11 million.

The overall program will focus on applied processing and large scale test work to demonstrate and optimise the processing of cobalt pyrite-ore to generate battery ready cobalt and sulphur from previously uneconomic reserves. 

“Because of our expertise in battery materials, we are part of a team that is investigating the thermal decomposition of pyrite to produce pyrrhotite and sulphur and working on improvements to the leaching of artificial pyrrhotite to reclaim the cobalt,” said Peterson.

The CRC-P scope is to design, construct and operate a demonstration plant, and support these activities with parallel applied research at UNSW, ANSTO and ANSAC to optimise the thermal decomposition stage of the process. COB is also a participant in the Future Battery Industries CRC, which was granted $25 million from the Australian Government in May 2019.

Energy Materials Project shares in $6.0M of SIEF funding

The Energy Materials Project leader Dr Vanessa Peterson is one of a team of Australian researchers which have recently been awarded $6.0M from the Science and Industry Endowment Fund (SIEF) to develop advanced metal-organic framework (MOF) materials to capture and convert CO2. MOFs are highly porous, multifunctional materials that can concentrate CO2 with much smaller energy requirements than currently available technologies. The team combines excellence in MOF synthesis, materials characterisation, and engineering, and includes leading researchers from CSIRO, the University of Sydney, the University of New South Wales, Monash University, the University of Melbourne, the University of Adelaide, and the Cooperative Research Centre for Greenhouse Gas Technologies (CO2CRC).

The tuneable pore size and surface chemistry of MOFs lends them not only the capture of CO2, but also the separation of other gases. Oxygen separated from air, aside from other industrial or medical uses, can be used in oxy-fuel combustion that results in a smaller volume of flue gas with a larger, more easily recovered COfraction. MOFs that can store hydrogen gas may one day enable a carbon-free energy cycle. The unique chemical properties of MOFs also hold potential for the catalytic conversion of CO2 into useful substances like polymers, industrial feedstocks, or hydrocarbon fuels.

Vanessa leads the neutron-scattering arm of this multi-disciplinary effort, using the instruments at the OPAL reactor in order to probe the structure of both the “host” framework and the “guest” gas molecules during the real-time operation of the materials. OPAL is one of the few facilities worldwide with the infrastructure required to perform these measurements. Our gas-delivery system allows accurate dosing of a chosen gas into the MOF sample, as well as temperature control, while in the neutron beam. A more sophisticated system, currently being commissioned, will facilitate flow-through of complex gas mixtures, simulating the flue streams encountered in real coal power plants.

The gas-delivery sample environments are compatible with many of the instruments at OPAL, allowing this research to benefit from the complementarity of various neutron scattering techniques. Experiments on ECHIDNA, the high-resolution neutron powder diffractometer, will give a detailed picture of the crystal structure of the host-guest system, as a function of the level of gas dosing. This identifies the preferential sites for guest adsorption, and thus the desirable chemical functionalities of the MOFs that can be targeted by the other team members for future iterations of materials design.

The exceptionally fast WOMBAT powder diffractometer enables time-resolved studies of the structural evolution of the system during the gas-adsorption process. Spectroscopic measurements on TAIPAN and PELICAN are also of interest for further investigation into the nature of the host-guest interactions. In addition to neutron-scattering expertise, the Energy Project group also specialises in computational modelling. Calculations supplement the experimental results, giving insights into specific mechanisms of guest adsorption, orientations of guest molecules, and the host framework’s response to the guest adsorption.

The high quality of results in this field that OPAL is capable of producing are demonstrated in recent research outputs (V. K. Peterson et al., Angew. Chem., 2010, 49, 585-588, E. D. Bloch et al., J. Am. Chem. Soc., 2011, 133, 14814–14822; W. L. Queen et al., Dalton Trans., 2012, 41, 4180-4187; E. D. Bloch et al., Science, 2012, 335, 1606-1610). The SIEF supports two postdoctoral researchers (co-funded by ANSTO) based at the former Bragg Institute. They contribute to the neutron-scattering experiments, development of the sample environments, and perform computational modelling work. Dr Sam Duyker recently joined ANSTO as the first of these postdocs. The group has recently been awarded beamtime on ECHIDNA through OPAL’s proposal system to perform its first round of in situ adsorption experiments on new and promising MOFs for COcapture.

3rd Anniversary Celebration & Group Meeting: 26th August 2010

On a windy winter’s day, in downtown Allawah, we celebrated the 3rd anniversary of the Neutrons for the Hydrogen Economy (energy) project. Vanessa Peterson initiated proceedings by highlighting the major recent achievements in key areas of the project, including gas-hydrate, proton exchange membrane (PEM), and Li-ion battery research. Gas-hydrate research was presented by Ross Piltz, showcasing work undertaken on Wombat. Vanessa Peterson presented achievements in PEM work, which is collaborative with the Australian National University. Neeraj Sharma outlined the key findings of the first in-situ neutron diffraction results on Li-ion batteries from the Bragg Institute, which appears in the Journal of Power Sources (Sharma et al, 2010).

The highlights were followed by a summary of new sample environments and apparatus available to Energy project researchers, presented by Stewart Pullen from the Bragg Institute’s sample environment team. He presented a timeline of how sample environments have evolved to meet the needs of the group, from jury-rigged solutions to custom-designed apparatus.

Next, there was a sequence of talks and discussions, beginning with students working on hydrogen storage, including Sam Duyker (USyd) and followed by Nora Duraman and Kean Long Lim (UNSW). Moving from hydrogen storage to oxide-ion conducting electrolytes in solid oxide fuel cells, Nathan Webster (ANSTO/CSIRO) presented work on Bi-based materials. The next series of talks were based on Li-ion battery research using neutron diffraction techniques, starting with William Brant / Siegbert Schmid (USyd) showing the progress in locating Li and quantifying Li content in perovskite-based materials. This was followed by Guodong Du (UoWollongong) explaining how custom-designed cells are made for in-situ neutron diffraction studies.

Select publications

General Publications

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Hydrogen Production


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 Fuel Cell Materials


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