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Gas-dosing rig

Gas-dosing equipment capable of delivering known amounts of gas, including gas mixtures, to samples for neutron-scattering experiments is nearing completion. In its first use, this equipment will be used to investigate hydrogen in new hydrogen-storage materials. This equipment will be initially available for use with the two powder instruments, ECHIDNA (testing shown in photo) and WOMBAT, but already plans are in place to run the equipment across several other instruments, notably TAIPAN and PELICAN.

Automated gas-dosing and higher-pressure hydrogen

A second rig enables automated gas-dosing and another with the capability to supply hydrogen at pressures <1000 bar.

Gas-dosing rig

  • Specialist rig designed for loading gas into samples has been developed. The rig is designed to load known quantities of gas or gas mixtures at pressures up to 124 bar into samples. 
  • Three sample containers (rated to 15, 30, and 45 bar) are available for use with the rig.
  • Three sample environments have been modified to be used with the rig, including a bottom-loading cryofurnace (4 - 800 K), an Euler cradle with cryofurnace (10 - 800 K), and a top-loading cryostat (1.8 - 300 K).