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Andrew Chacon

Andrew Chacon

Andrew Chacon

Human health researcher

Role at ANSTO

Andrew Chacon is a Post-Doctoral research fellow working within the Human Health Research theme at ANSTO. His research interests include e-research using the Geant4 Monte Carlo tool-kit and supporting the Neutron Capture Enhanced Particle Therapy team.


Geant4 Monte Carlo simulations of physics experiments. He specialises in the simulations of neutrons, protons, and heavier ion interactions with matter.

Qualifications & Achievements

You can view publication history using my ORCID ID. In addition, some recent achievements include; 

  • Winner of the George Collins Award for Innovation, NCEPT team member  -  ANSTO (2018)
  • Post-Doctoral Researcher  -  ANSTO (2020-present)
  • PhD  -  University of Wollongong and ANSTO (2020)
  • Bachelor of Medical and Radiation Physics, First Class Honours  -  University of Wollongong (2015)