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Gary Perkins

Dr Gary Perkins

Radiochemistry development platform Co-ordinator

Role at ANSTO

Gary develops methods of production for new and known radiotracers using automated modules. He also designs and builds automated systems to replace manual procedures. Along with this Gary is acting as the NIF Platform Technology Officer at the University of Sydney - ANSTO node - helping provide radiotracers to external collaborators.


Before joining LifeSciences in 2010, Gary worked for ANSTO's Business Development division looking at the commericalisation of several treatment and diagnosis based radio-pharmaceuticals.

Research interests and areas of expertise

Gary’s interests lie in the development and commercialisation of new radio-pharmaceuticals, along with new automated systems that can improve consistency while reducing operator dose.

Qualifications & Achievements

PhD in organometallics in 2006 looking at a model for molecular wires under the supervision of Prof Michael Bruce.BSc (Hons) the University of Adelaide.