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Our people, the custodians of Australia’s nuclear and accelerator expertise, are amongst our nation’s most talented researchers, scientists, engineers and nuclear experts. Everyday we work to respond to the growing nuclear science and technology needs of Australia and the world.

Dr Qinfen Gu

Principle Scientist - Powder Diffraction

Dr Rachel Williamson

Scientist - Macromolecular Crystallography

Dr Robert Acres

Commercial Technical Consultant

Dr Rohan Dowd

Senior Accelerator Physicist

Dr Simon James

Post-doctoral Fellow – X-ray Fluorescence Microscopy

Dr Stephen Mudie

Senior Scientist - SAXS/WAXS

Dr Tamsyn Ross

Industry Support Scientist

Dr Terry Cornall

Senior Controls Engineer - Software Development

Dr Tom Caradoc-Davies

Acting Lead Scientist – MX3 Beamline