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Food Materials Science

Food Materials Science

The Food Materials Science project applies nuclear-based techniques to investigate fundamental and industrial problems of national significance in food science, including food processing and product development. ingredient selection, food, and health


Technology Transfer

ANSTO is dedicated to identifying opportunities for the application of knowledge and technology developed by the organisation for a wide range of industry applications.


Research to improve food quality and design for better health

We are using nuclear and other methods to improve the traceability of food to ensure safety and security for consumers and industry, optimise the various functions of food and its production and understand the fundamental mechanisms that link some food to an immune response

Nuclear technologies

Nuclear technologies

ANSTO addresses key scientific questions in the nuclear fuel cycle for both the current generation of nuclear reactors and future systems.

Nathan MacKay
Sustainability Manager - ANSTO

Nathan is the Sustainability Manager at ANSTO where his role incorporates environmental, financial, and social sustainability for the future.

ANSTO's Roland Wong
Manager, Waste Characterisation

Roland Wong is the Manager of ANSTO’s Waste Characterisation team within the Waste Management Services group.