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Chemical Deuteration

Chemical Deuteration

Chemical deuteration involves deuterating whole molecules or building blocks for the synthesis of a desired molecule by exposing them to heavy water (deuterium oxide) at high temperatures and pressures in the presence of a catalyst. If required, compounds can then be synthesised from the deuterated building blocks using organic chemistry techniques.

biodeuteration laboratory

National Deuteration Facility

The National Deuteration Facility offers the facilities and expertise to produce molecules where all or part of the molecular hydrogen is replaced with deuterium. This enables complex investigations of the relationship between the structure of molecules and their function using neutron scattering and other techniques.

National Deuteration Facility staff list

Staff list

Scientists at ANSTO's National Deuteration Facility.

Instruments ANSTO

ANSTO Instruments

ANSTO's facilities in Sydney include access to neutron beam instruments, X-ray and infrared instruments, biological and chemical deuteration, accelerators, and an array of other capabilities and techniques.

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ANSTO offers a range of specialist capabilities in the area of food and food production that provide insights other approaches cannot.