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Priority Focus Area

FutureNow Scholarships - Priority Focus Areas

ANSTO’s strategic research objectives are described broadly in the Corporate Plan.

Priority focus areas

Priority focus areas and some ANSTO points of contact for further discussion regarding projects and ANSTO supervisors include:

Nuclear Medicine

The development and translation of radiopharmaceuticals to improve the detection, diagnosis and therapeutic treatment of disease

[Info: Dr Ivan Greguric –]

Human Health

Mitigation and optimisation of radiation responses in biological systems; development of theranostics to diagnose, treat and monitor disease progression; novel radiotheraphy development

[Info: Dr Ryan Middleton –]


The use of nuclear techniques in Environmental Change (Climate Change, Landscape processes or Human Impacts)

[Info: Dr Tim Payne -]

The use of nuclear techniques in Sustainable Water Resources (Aquatic Ecosystems, Groundwater and Natural Variability in hydrological systems)

[Info: Patricia Gadd –]

The use of nuclear techniques in Contaminant Science (Air quality, Soil contaminants, impact of radioactivity on the biosphere)

[Info: Dr Mark Peterson –]

Nuclear Fuel Cycle/Technologies

Nuclear fuels - fundamental and applied research on nuclear technologies relevant to current, advanced, and future nuclear fuel systems.

[Info: Dr MengJun Qin –]

Nuclear reactor systems - multi-scale understanding of materials behaviour in extreme operating conditions of the current and future nuclear reactor systems, while also investigating novel manufacturing technologies.

[Info: Dr Ondrej Muransky –]

Spent nuclear fuel – research into the key properties of nuclear waste and its long-term interaction with containment materials to improve safety for short and long-term storage .

[Info: Dr Yingjie Zhang –]

Advanced Manufacturing Industry

Research and industrial engagement projects in the advanced manufacturing sector that aim to strengthen Australia’s industry capability.

[Info: Gerry Triani – ]

Defence Industry

Contracted research and industrial engagement projects in the defence industry area that aim to deliver real solutions to enhance Australia’s defence capability via collaborative partnerships.

[Info: Sandy Haig – ]

Space Industry

Research and industrial engagement projects in the space sector that aim to strengthen Australia’s space industry capability.

[Info: Sandy Haig –]

Capability Development – research infrastructure

Research that enhances or showcases any of the other priority focus areas through the development of National Research Infrastructure at ANSTO such as the Australian Centre for Neutron Scattering, the Australian Synchrotron, the Centre for Accelerator Science, the National Deuteration Facility and other ANSTO platforms including Nuclear Materials, Development and Characterisation, Isotope Tracing in Natural Systems and Biosciences. [Info: Dr Miles Apperley –] parties.