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Discover the amazing world of nuclear science from your classroom. Meet an Expert, Nuclear Science inquiry skills and Remote labs.

Connect with us through one of our free videoconferencing sessions

Teachers can accrue NESA-registered professional development hours at the Proficient Teacher level for time spent planning and reflecting on all ANSTO e-learning programs. ANSTO provides three different videoconference programs to classrooms across Australia.

Nuclear science inquiry skills

In this two-lesson plus homework program, your students plan and conduct an investigation first-hand. Give your students access to high-quality radioactive sources, instruments, and scientific expertise at ANSTO.

This program is designed to address content and skill outcomes in the Year 9, Year 10 and Senior Physics Australian Curriculum and NSW syllabuses. 

Teachers can book this program at a time and date that suits your class. Please book at least 2 weeks before your preferred date.

Contact the ANSTO Discovery Centre to book 

Required resources for this videoconference

Suggested lesson sequence

Lesson 1 (in-class)Lesson 2 (videoconference)Post-work / Homework

As a class, students:

  • Develop an aim and hypothesis for their investigation.
  • Select appropriate equipment from the list provided.
  • Write an experimental method.
  • Conduct a risk assessment.

As a class, students:

  • Perform the investigation remotely with the help of an ANSTO Education Officer.
  • Record their results.
  • Answer questions about the reliability, validity and accuracy of the experiment.
  • Consider real-life applications of their results.


  • Display their results appropriately.
  • Write a discussion to assess reliability, validity and accuracy, and relate their results to real-life applications
  • Write a conclusion.



Meet an expert

In this two-lesson plus homework program, students will gather, process and present information about a practicing Australian scientist.