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Environmental change

ANSTO environmental researchers undertake targeted research to improve knowledge of past and present climate and the evolution of landscape.

This information can build Australia’s capacity to responds to changes in climate and the environment.

A better understanding of the processes that shaped climate and landscaoe is critical to improve the predictions of future climate and environmental changes. More accurate assessments and reduced uncertainties in modelling will improve confidence.

These processes include the effects of human migration and human impacts on the environment on short and long time scales. 

ANSTO’s unique nuclear and isotopic, complemented by geochemical and biological techniques capabilities, combined with multidisciplinary expertise can provide new knowledge of complex environmental and climatic processes.

Research is undertaken to understand a diverse range of mechanisms and processes in Australia and the Antarctic, including: past natural climate variability,  regional ocean circulation, the global carbon cycle,landscape evolution and degradation and  past human migration patterns and impacts