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Sydney - Access

Sydney Access Proposals

View the upcoming proposal deadlines for access to ANSTO’s Research Portal. The User Office provides support for research proposals and enables you to leverage our world-class research infrastructure and facilities.

view inside Synroc demonstration plant

ANSTO Synroc Treatment Facility

ANSTO Synroc® is constructing an Australian radioactive waste treatment facility for the by-products of Molybdenum-99 (Mo-99) production.


Silicon irradiation

ANSTO is one of the world's leading providers of irradiation services for silicon ingots, which are used by the multimillion dollar electronics industry across Europe and Asia. Each year, ANSTO irradiates more than 50 tonnes of silicon.


Project highlights

The Minerals consultancy group at ANSTO has expertise in chemical engineering, metallurgy, mineralogy, chemistry, geology, and radiation safety. We can support our client's project by providing process development services, technical review, and research.

Ms Marina Cagnes
Deuteration Facility Chemist, National Deuteration Facility

Role at ANSTO:

Excavation of dark matter lab completed

With all excavation completed and rock removed from the underground site, the physics lab will now be built within the caverns of the Stawell Mines site.

STAR accelerator

Aerosol Sampling Program

ANSTO plays a leading role in measuring and characterising fine particles from a range of locations around Australia and internationally.

Cosmetic chemistry

Deuteration and nuclear techniques can contribute to the science of beauty.