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Powder Diffraction Workshop 2024

Tue 30 Apr at 9.00am - Thu 2 May at 5.00pm
$50 Registration Fee (successful applicants only)
800 Blackburn Rd
Clayton VIC 3168
Expression of Interest (closes 3rd March, 11.59pm)
Preliminary Timetable

The powder diffraction teams from the Australian Synchrotron (AS) and Australian Centre for Neutron Scattering (ACNS) are hosting a 3-day powder diffraction workshop at the Australian Synchrotron.  The workshop is for beginners and aimed at post-graduate students and early career researchers.

This workshop aims to cover all stages of sample analysis, beginning at sample preparation, experimental setup through to instrument characterisation and qualitative and quantitative analysis. Topics will include: basic crystallography, search/matching, indexing, geometry corrections, proposal writing and tips on planning your experiment. There will be introductory talks on structure solution, quantitative phase analysis and engineering materials.

Demonstration sessions will be used to practically reinforce the material presented and will be split into 2 parallel sessions using TOPAS and GSAS II. 

Workshop places are limited to 30 and priority will be given to Early Career Researchers and PhD students with synchrotron or neutron data or who have beamtime allocated.

Lectures and demonstrations will be presented by Ian Madsen (Monash University), Matthew Rowles (Microanalysis Australia), Zhiyang Wang (ANSTO), the Powder Diffraction (PD) and Advanced Diffraction and Scattering (ADS) beamline teams at the AS, and the Powder Diffraction team at the ACNS.

Key Contributors:

Mr Ian Madsen - Ian Madsen has in excess of 50 years' experience in X-ray analysis having started his career in CSIRO Soils (Adelaide) in 1969 followed by a transfer to CSIRO Mineral Chemistry (Melbourne) in 1977. His experience includes (but is not limited to) X‑ray fluorescence spectroscopy and both X-ray powder and single-crystal diffraction.  

Dr Matthew Rowles - Dr Matthew Rowles is a Senior Analytical Scientist with Microanalysis Australia, specialising in quantitative X-ray diffraction analysis.  Dr Rowles interests lie in quantitative phase analysis and powder diffraction. He also works with the IUCR’s Commission on Powder Diffraction and Committee for the Maintenance of the CIF Standard. 

Dr Zhiyang Wang - Dr Zhiyang Wang is a Structural Materials Engineer with the Reactor System group, where he does research on nuclear materials under operational and extreme conditions for applications in current and next-generation (Gen IV) nuclear reactor systems.  He applies his expertise in the field of materials science & engineering, and advanced characterisation to promote characterising and understanding the degradation of nuclear materials under relevant conditions, such as high-temperature exposure, creep-fatigue and radiation damage.

Powder Diffraction Workshop 2024

Learning objectives

Upon completion of this workshop attendees should be able to: 

 ▀ Understand the basics of powder diffraction  ▀ Understand the different information content of a power diffraction pattern and their physical meaning, including peak position, peak intensity, and peak profile  ▀ Identify symmetry operations and elements in structures, and understand the differences between crystal systems  ▀ Index the powder diffraction pattern of a simple unknown phase  ▀ Accurately identify the phases in a mixture of unknown phases  ▀ Refine the wavelength of a standard sample measured using X-rays and neutrons  ▀ Carry out accurate LeBail/Pawley and Rietveld refinements measured using X-rays and neutron  ▀ Visually interpret the quality of a model fit to the data and identify areas for improvement  ▀ Find reliable powder diffraction resources to self-learn and develop your own skills.

This workshop is not intended to teach you how to use TOPAS or GSAS-II packages, or how to carry out a full analysis of your specific material.

We would like to thank AINSE for their student travel support funding to approved candidates.

Expression of Interest

Important Dates

Interested applicants are required to submit an expression of interest form.  Participants will be selected based on their responses to ensure the best fit with the program. 

Submission closes: 3rd March 2024 (11:59pm AEST)

Notification of successful application by: 8th March 2024

Expression of Interest
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Successful Applicants

Approved Registrations will include:

*Any non-Australian citizens will require a valid entry visa. (Visa invitation letters can only be issued to successful applicants)

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