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Soft x-ray spectroscopy

Soft x-ray spectroscopy

Soft x-rays are generally understood to be x-rays in the energy range 100-3,000 eV. They have insufficient energy to penetrate the beryllium window of a hard x-ray beamline but have energies higher than that of extreme ultraviolet light.

Sandy Haig
Senior Manager, Industry and Stakeholder Engagement

Role at ANSTO

Big Ideas forum 2020

Big Ideas

ANSTO Big Ideas encourages students to creatively communicate the work of an Australian scientist, and explain how their work has inspired them to come up with a Big Idea to make our world a better place. This competition is intended to engage and support Australian students in years 7-10 in Science and encourage them to pursue studies and careers in STEM.


Neutron capture enhanced particle therapy (NCEPT)

A large team of ANSTO scientists in collaboration with University of Wollongong researchers has developed a new hybrid technique that enhances the effectiveness of a cutting-edge form of radiation therapy for advanced cancer.

Sirius accelerator

Ion beam analysis techniques

When an energetic ion beam hits a sample it will interact with the atoms through a number of very complex interactions. By detecting and measuring the reaction products resulting from the various interactions and their intensities, you can obtain quantitative data on the sample's constituent elements and their spatial distribution.

Shorebirds Competition 2022

Shorebirds Competition 2022

ANSTO is proud to host the Shorebirds Competition for the fifth year. This unique environmental poster competition is free to enter and offers over $4500 in prizes for students and schools!

Pamela Naidoo-Ameglio
Group Executive, Nuclear Operations and Nuclear Medicine

Pamela is an Executive leader with a background in technology, mining, geoscience, operational and corporate roles in public and private sector corporations and NFPs in Africa and Australasia.