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Imaging and medical beamline

Imaging and medical

The Imaging and Medical beamline (IMBL) is a flagship beamline of the Australian Synchrotron built with considerable support from the NHMRC. It is one of only a few of its type, and delivers the world’s widest synchrotron x-ray ‘beam’.


Anonymised Review

ANSTO has agreed to participate in an Australian trial of a review of research infrastructure access proposals in which applicants remain anonymous to aid the removal of structural barriers to the career progression of Women in STEM.

Partnerships at ANSTO


ANSTO works in partnerships and collaborative ventures with national and international organisations. Partner with ANSTO.

Groundwater study

Using isotopes to understand saltwater intrusion of Rottnest Island groundwater


How safe is OPAL?

The OPAL research reactor's design and integrated safety features mean it is extremely safe; a fact confirmed by independent analysis.

Low Level Waste

Managing waste

ANSTO has safely managed its radioactive waste for over 60 years. Waste is managed in accordance with national and international standards.