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Instrument users

User Access

The User Office is the first point of contact for all new and returning facility users accessing ANSTO’s wide range of world-class research infrastructure. These users may be internal ANSTO researchers, external merit researchers, commercial clients, scientific collaborators and partners.

User Access Updates

User Access Updates

Stay updated with the latest news and notifications impacting ANSTO's landmark research infrastructure in both Sydney and Melbourne.

Melbourne - Access

Melbourne Access Proposals

ANSTO’s user office in Melbourne offers access to the Australian Synchrotron, a world-class research facility with over 4,000 user visits per year. ANSTO seeks collaboration and partnerships with research organisations, scientific users and commercial users.

Sydney - Access

Sydney Access Proposals

View the upcoming proposal deadlines for access to ANSTO’s Research Portal. The User Office provides support for research proposals and enables you to leverage our world-class research infrastructure and facilities.

Merit Access Terms and Conditions

Merit Access Terms and Conditions

By submitting a proposal for Merit Access to ANSTO’s Biosciences, Centre for Accelerator Science, Isotope Tracing, Nuclear Stewardship or the Vivarium capabilities, you are agreeing to the following Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions apply to external merit researchers, scientific collaborators and partners unless there is a specific agreement in place between ANSTO and the home institution of the Principal Investigator.

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ANSTO User Meeting 2021 - Awards

You are invited to submit to the various awards from ANSTO, User Advisory Committee (UAC) and Australian Neutron Beam User Group (ANBUG). 

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ANSTO User Meeting 2023 - Awards

You are invited to submit to the various awards from ANSTO, User Advisory Committee (UAC) and Australian Neutron Beam User Group (ANBUG). 


Australian access to overseas synchrotrons

The International Synchrotron Access Program (ISAP) is administered by the Australian Synchrotron and is designed to assist Australian-based synchrotron users to access overseas synchrotron related facilities.

Research Publications

Research Publications

ANSTO provides a list of journal, book, technical and conference publications associated with the Australian Centre for Neutron Scattering, and the Centre for Accelerator Science.

Environmental engineers inspect water quality at natural water sources and record data on smartphones. Woman scientist and environmental issues.

Environment Research & Technology Group

ANSTO’s isotope tracing facilities provide a range of radioanalytical, isotopic and elemental analytical techniques, measurements and expertise for environmental studies.

After your experiment

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about the ANSTO Security Process, travel funding, ANSTO Research Portal and ACNS Customer Portal.