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Highlights Cultural Heritage

Highlights - Cultural Heritage

Over the last decades, neutron, photon, and ion beams have been established as an innovative and attractive investigative approach to characterise cultural-heritage materials.

Jenolan caves

Reconstructing Australia’s fire history from cave stalagmites

Research is being undertaken through an Australian Research Council Discovery Project "Reconstructing Australia’s fire history from cave stalagmites", led by Professor Andy Baker at UNSW Sydney and Dr. Pauline Treble at ANSTO. The project aims to calibrate the fire-speleothem relationship and develop coupled fire and climate records for the last millennium in southwest Australia.

Hutch B


Publications and resources from the Powder Diffraction beamline.

3D cell printing technology earns ANSTO Eureka Prize for Technology

Researchers and industry partners from UNSW Australia, the Australian Centre for Nanomedicine, Children’s Cancer Institute and Inventia Life Sciences Pty Ltd have been awarded the 2021 ANSTO Eureka Prize for Innovative Use of Technology for their method to rapidly-produce 3D cell structures

Professor Vanessa Peterson
Senior Principal Research and Neutron Scattering Instrument Scientist

Role at ANSTO

  • Leader, Energy Materials Research Project

Studying Western Australian caves to help us understand climate change

On average, there is now 17 per cent less rainfall across Western Australia’s south-western region than was recorded prior to 1970. This rainfall reduction has economic, social and environmental implications for the region, in particular for the growing capital of Perth, as well as water-dependent industries in the state.

Smoke pollution

Highlights - Aerosol Sampling

ANSTO has been tracking and publishing data on fine particle pollution from key sites around Australia, and internationally, for more than 20 years.  

Samples - Infrared microspectroscopy

Samples - Infrared microspectroscopy

The Infrared microspectroscopy microscopes can record spectra from a range of different samples; from thin microtomed sections to polished blocks and embedded particles. This section highlights the types of samples that can be analysed using the IRM beamline