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Health Physics Surveyor, Radiation Services

As Health Physics Surveyor at ANSTO, Harry conducts surveys of sites assessing radiation from various radioactive sources ensuring compliance in line with relevant regulations and policies.

Mr Hock Ch'ng
Head of Safety

Hock Ch'ng's primary responsibilities involve the formulation, development and implementation of strategies, programs, policies and procedures as creative solutions to complex business concerns involving technical, occupational health and safety (OHS),

IAEA appointment

ANSTO Head of Research Dr Suzanne Hollins has been appointed to chair IAEA group on nuclear applications.

Brett Rowling (STEM mentor)
Analytical Chemist - ANSTO

Brett Rowling is an analytical chemist from Australia’s Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) which collaborates with universities and industries globally.

Technical Information

Technical Information

Technical information for the Powder Diffraction beamline at the Australian Synchrotron.

Anna Barlow
Food Innovation Partner - Startupbootcamp Australia

Anna holds a variety of roles within the startup and innovation eco-system. Currently, Anna is Food Innovation Partner at Startupbootcamp Australia and Director Innovation & Startups - APAC at QUBE Unlimited.

Soft x-ray spectroscopy

Soft x-ray spectroscopy

Soft x-rays are generally understood to be x-rays in the energy range 100-3,000 eV. They have insufficient energy to penetrate the beryllium window of a hard x-ray beamline but have energies higher than that of extreme ultraviolet light.