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Australian Centre for Neutron Scattering ANSTO


Harness the power of the atom

Our partners have access to nuclear science and engineering resources, world-class researchers and national research infrastructure. ANSTO empowers industry to innovate by translating research outcomes to business solutions.

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Industry sectors

Nuclear techniques are useful in many different sectors including: 

  • Advanced materials: ceramics, polymers, biomaterials, semiconductors, magnetic, superconducting and battery materials, opto-electronics
  • Agriculture: plant cells, plant tissues, plant cell and root uptakes, soil analysis
  • Biomedical: new diagnostic, imaging and therapeutic techniques
  • Defence industries: new materials, sensors, heavy metal analysis
  • Environmental technologies and services: analysis of soils, fresh and salt water, air and atmospheric samples, pollutants, toxins and contaminants, environmental remediation
  • Food technology: analysis of food ingredients and packaging materials, product and process development
  • Forensics: broad range of analytical capabilities, development of new techniques
  • Manufacturing: metal alloys, catalysts, engineered components, stress analysis, fibres and textiles, adhesives, polymers and plastics, surfaces, interfaces and coatings
  • Medical: new diagnostic, imaging and therapeutic techniques, high-throughput structural biology
  • Minerals: mineral exploration, mineral processing
  • Nanotechnology and microtechnology: advanced nano- and micro-device manufacturing, micro-circuits, sensors
  • Oil and gas: exploration, pipeline reactions, fuel processing, fuel cells
  • Pharmaceuticals: analysis of proteins, nucleic acids and viruses, cell imaging, quality control monitoring, bio-mimetic materials (artificial skin or organs), identification of drug targets, assessment of drug candidates
  • Scientific instruments: detector technologies, measurement techniques, medical implants, delivery systems