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Students and entrepreneurs collaborating in open plan office

Graduate Institute

ANSTO’s Innovation Precinct sees the best and brightest emerging scientific minds from universities given a development turbo-charge.

Our graduates work under the guidance of some of Australia’s current leading scientists and researchers and are given access to ANSTO’s national and landmark infrastructure and industry partners.

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Nurturing the next generation of scientists

Students are provided the tools, guidance and multifaceted training to support the development of their entrepreneurial capabilities:

  • An ANSTO supervisor
  • The opportunity to access ANSTO’s landmark infrastructure and facilities
  • Training and development in:
    • Business modelling
    • Supply chain optimisation
    • Funding and finance management
    • Marketing
    • Leadership skills
    • Intellectual Property protection
  • Access to a network of hundreds of graduates, start-ups and industry through the ANSTO Innovation Precinct and ANSTO Graduate communities
  • A top-up stipend of $7,500 and approved research, conference, travel and accommodation support of up to $10,000 per year

Graduate Institute Launch - whole party
The Graduate Institute launch, Dec 2019: Mr Craig Kelly MP (Federal Member for Hughes), Dr Adi Paterson (CEO ANSTO), Robert Mardus-Hall, Andrew Chacon, Ms Penny Dobson (ANSTO, Deputy Chair), The Hon Kevin Anderson MP, Amy MacIntosh, Andrew Pastrello, Matthew Teusner, Mr Lee Evans MP (Member for Heathcote), Prof Andrew Peele.

    Supporting graduates' success through partnerships

    We’re looking to build active partnerships with universities to support our graduates' success. Strategic MOUs and co-developed proposals for a variety of funding models can be created to support travel, necessary administration and access to our landmark and national research infrastructure for students.

    Discuss partnership opportunities


    For more information on the Graduate Institute, reach out to Andrew.


    Andrew Peele

    To discuss partnership opportunities, get in touch with Melissah.