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Dr Norman Booth

Sample Environment Officer

Role at ANSTO

Prior to joining Bragg Norman had worked at the University of Technology, Sydney for 19 years (2 months off 20).  Norman started at UTS as a Scientific Services Officer in the Materials Science Department and ended up as a Professional Officer in the Microstructural Analysis Unit. His main responsibilities were looking after the Mechanical Testing lab and setting up a new Electrical Characterisation Lab.Norman was awarded his PhD in 2000 during which he worked on a combined ultrasonic and electrical sensor to detect partial discharges in large high voltage distribution transformers. Norman carried out work on conducting polymers, piezoelectric ceramics (in particular PZT/Epoxy composites), nano-cobalt composites and the mechanical properties of porous ceramics.

Norman did his undergraduate course part time and worked for Johnson Matthey Ltd (precious metal refinery) a in various positions from QA, Analytical Chemist, Bullion Room attendant, Metallurgist and Process Chemist.